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Whats new in Digital SLRs: At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017-2019

January 2, 2019 by  
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Consumer Electronics Show 2017-2019 gathered the latest information on Digital SLRs during our visits to the Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas (CES 2017-2019). Here is a short overview of what caught our attention at the show in regards to Digital SLRs and Mirrorless Cameras. Some of the biggest breakthroughs were in focus technology, especially in regards to video autofocus. Canon introduced the Canon EOS 80D with Dual-Pixel CMOS technology, which is now being put into more cameras. All of our recent CES videos were shot with the Canon EOS 70D , which did a superb job in pictures and video, and was the first camera with the dual pixel cmos technology. Mirrorless cameras (especially from Sony) have taken off. Sony has produced mirrorless cameras with high ISO (SO 409,600), which are great for low light photography and video. Panasonic has a big selection of mirrorless 4K capable cameras, some with 5 axis Dual IS onboard. The latest camera is the Panasonic GH5.

Sony DSLRs and Cameras at CES 2017-2018:

Sony Mirrorless A7R Mark III 4K Camera at CES 2018

Sony’s A7R Mark III has won our Best of CES 2018 Award in the 4K Camera category for photo-centric cameras. The A7Riii is a great camera, with improved autofocus with 399 phase detection points, improved burst rate, dual card slots, touchscreen, and joystick controller added. 4K Video at 24p, 30p.

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Panasonic Lumix Cameras at CES 2017-2019:

Panasonic 4K Photo

Panasonic Mirrorless 4K Cameras 2017: Panasonic is going all in with 4K Ultra HD video capable Cameras. Their micro 4/3rds sensors have a 2x crop factor. All of the Panasonic 4K capable cameras have special 4K photo modes, such as 4K Burst mode, 4K post focus (choose your focus point after the shot), 4K focus stacking (choose the focus points you want included in a composite picture). The 4K Ultra HD video is truly stunning, as we have tested this out with the Lumix GX85 (see pic above). The big news for Panasonic is the new Lumix GH5 with all the pro features for shooting video and pictures. Panasonic also has a fantastic image stabilization called 5 Axis Dual IS which uses in body as well as lens image stabilizers and an electronic stabilizer to provide rock solid steadiness. This latest feature is available in GX85, G80, and GH5.

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Video: at CES 2017 and the Panasonic GH5 4K Mirrorless Camera

Video: at CES 2019 Awards Panasonic for their first full-frame mirrorless cameras, the S1 and S1R

Nikon DSLRs at CES 2017-2018:

Video: Nikon’s D850 demonstrated for at CES 2018

The new Nikon D850 has an FX full frame sensor with 45.7 megapixels, Lowest base ISO 64 of any DSLR, 9 fps continuous shooting, Tilting Touchscreen, 4K video capture, 4k and 8k time lapse movies.

Video: Nikon D7500 demonstrated for at CES 2018

The new Nikon D7500 is Nikon’s least expensive DSLR that shoots video in 4K Ultra HD. 20.9 megapixel sensor, 51 AF points, 8 Frames/second continuous shooting.

Canon DSLRs at CES 2016-2018:

Video: Canon’s 6D Mark II demonstrated for at CES 2018

The Canon 6D Mark II is a new Full Frame camera from Canon that was presented to at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Features include Dual Pixel CMOS with phase detection, Full Frame Imager, 45 point AF (all cross points), 26.2 megapixels.

CES 2017 | Canon’s Newest EOS 80D Camera: At CES 2017, Canon was showing off the Canon 80D which follows the very popular Canon 70D (which this video below was shot with). The new 80D has the great Dual Pixel CMOS focusing system, added a headphone jack, upgraded to a new 24.2 megapixel sensor, AF points have increased from 19 to 45, native ISO has increased to 16000, Can now shoot at 60p (60 frames per second full HD), and the processor has been upgraded to a digic 6. All in all great upgrades to the 70D which is already a fantastic camera.

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Video: Canon EOS 80D Demonstrated for at CES 2017

CES 2017 | Canon’s 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera At CES 2017, Canon showed us the latest in the 5D series, adding a high resolution touchscreen, Dual Pixel AF, and 4K Video capability to this camera. The 5D Mark IV DSLR features include a brand new 30.4 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS Sensor, Native ISO 100–32000, Cinematic 4K DCI capture at 24p and 30p (records at up to 500mbps). 63 focus points (41 are cross points), 7 fps burst mode, New metering system, Digic 6+, Built in Wifi, NFC and GPS.

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Video: Canon 5D Mark IV 4K DSLR for at CES 2017

CES 2015 | Canon’s Newest 7D Mark II DSLR: At CES 2015, Canon introduced its 7D Mark II, which inherits the excellent Dual Pixel CMOS focusing system from the Canon 70D. Many new upgrades from the Canon 7D. Upgrades include a jump to the digic 6 processor, native ISO jumps to 16,000, burst rate increases to 10fps, and 65-point all cross-type AF system.

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Video: Canon 7D Mark II features explained for at CES 2015

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame DSLR

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame DSLR

Canon Update: Canon introduced the Canon EOS 5D Mark III which gave a modest bump up in pixels to 22.3 megapixels, the new DIGIC 5+ Image Processor will increase speed and ISO. Native ISO goes up to 25,600 (expandable to 102,400). Dual SD and CF cards. HDR mode. For video, the expanded ISO will give better low light performance, time code, compression options, headphone jack, manual audio level, reducing chromatic aberration and moiré artifacting. New firmware introduced in 2013 will allow HDMI uncompressed out for video. Magic lantern has software that can allow the Canon 5D Mark III to record video in raw at 1080p. The results are amazing. Review: Canon 5D Mark III 22.3 Megapixel Digital SLR

Canon EOS 70d Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 70d Digital SLR Camera

Canon Update 8/2013: Canon introduced the Canon EOS 70D with an upgrade to 20.2 megapixels. Canon has introduced a new technology called Dual Pixel CMOS which allows this camera to have the best autofocus system in a DSLR for video, and also helps with stills. With its new touchscreen, you can simply touch a subject on the screen and the camera will automatically pull focus to that subject smoothly. Truly an amazing focusing system. This model gets a boost in ISO to 12800, it inherits the Digic 5+ processor from higher end models, increased AF points, added WiFi capability, and a fast 7 frames per second burst mode. Review: Canon 70D 20.2 Megapixel Digital SLR

Video: Testing of the Canon 70D with the Mosaic Engineering VAF-70D Anti-Aliasing Filter at CES 2014

Sony Mirrorless Cameras & A7s at CES 2015

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