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Oreck POD Cordless Bagged Stick Vacuum Cleaner BK51702 | Review

January 5, 2018 by  
Filed under Vacuums

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Oreck POD Cordless Bagged Stick Vacuum. Oreck’s new cordless stick vacuum with POD technology is the first bagged cordless vacuum that we have seen. The POD technology transforms into a bag, once installed. The POD will hold a lot more dust, dirt, and pet hair than cordless canisters, and according to Oreck, will typically last 1 to 3 months of cleaning before full. When the POD bag is full, a red light will illuminate on the vacuum to let you know its time to change to a new POD.

As the only bagged cordless, you will not have to deal with the plume of dust and allergens that all other cordless vacuums emit, when emptying into a trashcan. The cordless canister also can get dirt and dust stuck in the canister which you must clean out. Not so, with Oreck’s pod technology, as everything is sealed. Just pop out the pod bag into the trashcan, and put a new one in. The vacuum has strong suction, a multi-floor brushroll, and 2 speeds. 3 year warranty, made in the USA. …More…