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Dyson Animal 2 Vs. Shark Apex AZ1002 | Upright Vacuums (Differences, Best Models)

March 10, 2022 by  
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Shark TruePet Vacuum Cleaner

Shark APEX
Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball
Animal 2
Upright Vacuum

Dyson Animal 2 Vs. Shark Apex DuoClean Upright Vacuum (Differences): Both Shark and Dyson have very capable uprights. Both provide the suction and powered brushroll to clean carpets of dust, dirt and pet hair. Both are not lightweight vacuums, but heavy duty, high powered cleaning machines. All Dyson and Shark uprights are Bagless, where you empty the dust bin into a trashcan, with some of the allergens getting into the air.

The main differences between the Shark Apex DuoClean AZ1002 and Dyson Animal 2 are: Dyson’s power cord is 5 feet longer and the Dyson has a substantially larger dust bin. The Shark Apex AZ1002 has the new Zero-M technology to prevent hair tangling (brushroll is self cleaning). Dyson has a unique tangle-free handheld pet turbine tool, which is great for pet hair and cleaning smaller areas like stairs, upholstery, cars. The Shark Lift-Away feature allows you to carry the vacuum around, while the Dyson uses a traditional hose + wand. The Apex has a DuoClean (hard +soft brushrolls) while the Dyson has a standard brushroll. Dyson has a wider cleaner head than the Shark. The Dyson Animal 2 is usually more expensive than the Shark Apex.

Dyson Animal 2 Vs. the Shark Apex
* Bagless Upright
* 4.6 Stars Rating
* Ball Technology
* Tangle-Free Pet Tool
* 5 Year Warranty
* HEPA Filter
* Brushroll Controls
* Hose + Wand
* .55 Gallon Dustbin
* Standard Brushroll
* – – –
* 35 foot cord
* 1400 Watts
* 17.3 lbs.
– – –

Dyson Animal 2

* Bagless Upright
* 4.7 Stars Rating
* Swivel Steering
* Pet Multi-Tool
* 5 Year Warranty
* HEPA Filter
* Brushroll Controls
* Lift-Away Canister
* .375 Gallon Dustbin
* DuoClean Brushroll
* Zero-M Technology
* 30 foot cord
* 1350 Watts
* 16.6 lbs.
* LED Headlights

Shark Apex AZ1002

Dyson Mini Turbine Tool

Dyson’s New “Tangle Free” Mini Turbine Tool (great for pet hair)

What makes Dyson Unique- Main Differences: Dyson invented the cyclonic bagless vacuum, and has been an innovator in the bagless vacuum category. Dyson is also known for strong, powerful, suction. One area that Dyson stands out is its tools. One in particular is the Tangle-Free Pet Tubine Tool, which we believe is the best air driven tool for pet hair on the market. We have seen this tool demonstrated, and it can pick up long hair and even shoelaces without wrapping around the brushes. Dyson implements Ball technology for superior steering around furniture. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has the highest suction any Dyson vacuum.

Pet Tool

Shark Apex AZ1002 Pet Tool with anti hair wrap brush.

What makes Shark Unique- Main Differences: Shark vacuums use a Lift-Away system, where the vacuum can be lifted off the body. Traditional vacuums like Dyson use a wand +hose off the main body. Shark has LED headlights in most of its higher end uprights. The Shark Apex AZ1002 uses a sealed system to contain dust & dirt. Zero-M technology prevents hair from tangling on the brushroll. The APEX AZ1002 has DuoClean brushes for both carpet and hard floors. The AZ1002 comes with a Pet Multi-Tool, which is a two in one brush + upholstery tool (the dyson tool has a rotating brush).

Best of 2022 AwardBottom Line Dyson Animal Vs. Shark Apex: Both Vacuums have strong suction and are great for pet hair and both score a 4.6 stars rating. The tangle-free turbine tool from Dyson will not tangle with hair, while the Shark powered pet tool has a traditional brushroll. Dyson has a larger dust bin (46% larger) which means less times emptying the dust bin. With Shark you get the Lift-Away powered canister versus the Dyson traditional hose and wand. Shark unique features are LED headlights, DuoClean brushrolls, and Zero-M anti hair wrap technology. With DuoClean, the Apex is more suited to hard floors. You cannot go wrong with either vacuum for pet hair removal. Both models have won our BEST of 2022 Award for upright vacuums.

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Shark & Dyson Vacuum Glossary of Terms
Lift-Away Canister = Shark Navigator vacuums have a detachable canister on their uprights, so that you can vacuum stairs, and other hard to reach areas.

Shark DuoClean Brushroll = Shark has a new dual brushroll technology that allows for trapping large particles and fine dust. The Shark DuoClean Brushroll will work on both carpets and hard floors. It is available on the new Apex DuoClean AZ1002 and the DuoClean NV803

Shark Zero-M Technology = The newest Shark vacuums have Zero-M, which actively removes hair and threads so they don’t wrap around the main floor tool brushroll. Zero-M is available on the new Apex DuoClean AZ1002 Vacuum.

Shark Pet Multi-Tool = The Shark Pet Multi-Tool is a two in one tool that has a detachable stiff bristle brush. Once detached it becomes an upholstery tool to get stubborn pet hair.

Shark Deep-Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool = Included on the Apex AZ1002, this tool has a motorized brushroll. This tool is ideal for dirt, dust, and pet hair removal on stairs, upholstery, car interiors, and other smaller areas.

Shark Complete Seal Technology = Shark vacuums have sealed systems to hold in dust, dirt, pet hair, allergens from escaping the vacuum.

Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Tool = The newly updated Dyson tangle-free turbine tool helps prevent hair, threads, pet hair and other hazards from tangling around the counter rotating brushes which is the main difference when you compare this to the previous versions. Even shoelaces will not wrap around the counter rotating heads.

Dyson Radial Root Cyclone™ = Radial Root Cyclone™ is the latest Dyson Cyclone technology , where airflows maximize suction power. These refinements can help remove more dust, pet hair, and allergens. The Dyson Animal 2 has the highest suction of any Dyson vacuum.

Dyson Ball™ Technology = Dyson invented the Ball type of vacuum. The vacuum sits on the ball and is highly maneuverable around obstacles, much more so than a regular vacuum. The Dyson Animal 2 has Dyson Ball™ technology.

Certified Allergy & Asthma Friendly = The Dyson Animal 2 and Multi-Floor 2 Uprights have been certified Allergy and Ashthma Friendly by the AAFA Foundation. Each vacuum is independently tested in accredited laboratories and proven to be more suitable for individuals with asthma and allergies in order to be recommended.

Shark Apex

Shark APEX DuoClean
AZ1002 Zero-M
Upright Vacuum

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Dyson Animal

Dyson Ball
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Shark TruePet

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