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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sony Pro HXR-NX80 4K Ultra HD Camcorder | NXCAM Review 2018

**New for 2018** The HXR-NX80 is Sony’s upgrade to the popular NXCAM Series 4K Pro camcorder. SmartReview previewed this model at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The biggest upgrades are the new 273 point phase detection AF for fast and accurate video focusing, Dual Card Slots, Higher resolution LCD touchscreen, new 120p mode for HD, S-Log2 and S-Log3, and new HDR recording mode. This model now shoots at 4K Ultra HD(3840×2160) which is at 8 megapixels resolution verus only 2 megapixels for Full HD. In addition to shooting at 4 times the resolution of HD, this model has a huge 1-inch back-illuminated Exmor R® CMOS Sensor (14.2M pixels). This is far larger than most camcorder imagers, and will give better low light performance and increased dynamic range. Shooting at this resolution will future proof your videos, as the industry moves toward 4K resolution in TVs. Footage in 4K can also be used for Full HD video production, as you can crop or zoom in on your footage and still maintain Full HD quality. For best image quality, Sony has equipped the HXR-NX80 with a Carl Zeiss 12x Optical Zoom Lens. It has an excellent 2.35 million dot OLED EVF Viewfinder as well. EVF Viewfinder. XLR Audio Inputs. External Microphone and Headphone jacks. Night Vision Infrared. Built-in WiFi and NFC. This is a premium quality camcorder in all regards. …More…

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Canon Professional XF400 4K Ultra HD Camcorder | Reviews | Dual Pixel CMOS AF

*New for 2017-2018. The Canon Professional XF400 is Canon’s Pro 4K Ultra HD Camcorder. 4K Ultra HD has 4x the resolution of full HD, the same resolution used on 4K TVs and Movie Theater 4K projectors. The XF400 upgrades the popular XF Pro Series with many new features. The Canon Pro XF400 has a new much larger (1-inch) 4K UHD CMOS Imager with Wide Dynamic Range Gamma and improved low light performance. Compact in size. Records video in 4K Ultra HD at up to 60fps, and Full HD at up to 120fps. Records to SDHC/SDXC memory cards (camcorder has two memory card slots) The 15x zoom HD Video Lens delivers excellent image quality and low light performance even at full zoom. The Professional XF400 features the new 5-Axis image stabilization (keeps video sharp in low light, or when holding the camcorder without a tripod). Another big first is the inclusion of the excellent Dual Pixel AF a high-speed, high-precision autofocus technology to a consumer camcorder. The new Dual Digic DV6 Processors are what powers these new advanced features, including 4K @60fps, and 1080p @120fps. The Large 3.5-inch high resolution touchscreen is the highest resolution screen on a camcorder that we have reviewed. For Sound, the Pro XF400 has Dual XLR inputs, and external microphone and headphone jacks for recording and monitoring audio.

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Canon XA30 Professional Compact HD Camcorder | Review 2017

The Canon Professional XA30 is Canon’s top flash memory based HD camcorder. Compact in size. The XA30 has a new imager with Wide Dynamic Range, and better low light performance. Records in full 1920 x 1080 Full HD (1080p). Records to SDHC/SDXC memory cards (camcorder has two memory card slots). Relay Recording allows the camcorder to automatically switch video recording to the next available SDHC/SDXC memory card when one card is full. You can also record simultaneoulsy to both cards as a safety backup. The upgraded 20x zoom HD Video Lens delivers excellent image quality and has SuperRange optical image stabilization (to keep video sharp in low light, or when holding the camcorder without a tripod). Included lens hood. Even at 20x, it maintains a light gathering F2.8. The XA30 has a large 3.5-inch high resolution OLED touchscreen. Built-in Dual Band WIFI. External Microphone Terminal with Manual Audio Level Control, Headphone Terminal, Digital DV 4 image processor. Included are advanced features such as Canon’s Native 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor (better for low light) and provides a wide dynamic range, AVCHD H.264, and has a true 24p Cinema mode. (native 24p). External Microphone Jack for better sound options. The XA30 records at up to 35mbps. At the maximum AVCHD quality , you can record about 5 hours and 55 minutes to a 64GB SDHC or SDXC memory card. More recording time is also available if you use both memory card slots. Canon’s Instant AF focusing system greatly enhances auto focus speed and accuracy and decreases the time to lock in focus (even in low light). EVF Viewfinder. The Canon Pro XA30 has won our BEST of 2017 award for Pro HD camcorders under $2,000… …More…

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Best Rated Professional (Pro) Camcorders – Comparison & Reviews | 2017-2018

January 10, 2018 by  
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Best-Rated Professional (Pro) Camcorders (2017-2018) – This is a roundup of the best-rated professional camcorders. Professional (Pro) camcorders are larger than consumer camcorders, have larger imagers, superior image processors, and larger brighter lenses. They provide superior video which is a favorite of indy and professional videographers. Professional camcorders also have advanced features such as 24p, […]

Panasonic HC-X1000 4K-60p Ultra HD DCI Pro Camcorder | Review

November 10, 2017 by  
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Panasonic’s HC-X1000 Pro Camcorder is the lowest priced Pro 4K Camcorder from Panasonic. 4K has 4 times the resolution of Full HD, and is about the same resolution as the 4K projector in your local movie theater. The HC-X1000 shoots 4K video at 8 megapixels (3840 x 2160) per frame, vs. 2 megapixels (1920 x 1080) of Full HD. It will also shoot at Cinematic 4K (4096 x 2160p). With the industry transitioning to 4K TVs, this camcorder will future proof your videos to look spectacular on these TVs. Cinematic 4K is the same resolution as movie theater 4K projectors. If you shoot video in 4K and then convert it to HD, the video will still appear much sharper than a regular HD camcorder would. The HC-X1000 can record in either 4K or HD. What sets this Pro camcorder apart from Consumer versions is that this one can shoot at 60p (60fps) in full UHD 4K. The camcorder records 4K video to SDXC U3 Memory cards, with 4K recording at a high 150mbps bit rate. Dual SD Card Slots. Up to one hour of video recording at best compression per card. For best image quality the camcorder includes a fast Leica F1.8-F3.6 lens that was designed for the HC-X1000 to help in low light situations. For night recording, you can use the infrared Night Vision feature. Included are advanced features such as High-Speed, High-Precision AF, ND Filters, and Triple manual lens rings. WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) and NFC Built-in. …Read More…

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