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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CES 2018: Smart-Review 4K Technology Awards

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Smart-Review 4K Technology Awards at CES 2018

SmartReview.com will be distributing its “Best of CES 2018” Awards to those exceptional products that utilize 4K Ultra HD technology. This includes camcorders, cameras, and TVs. 4K Ultra HD is the latest video and screen technology, and is quickly overtaking Full HD as the preferred video technology. This is similar to the transition from SD (standard definition) to HD. Most movie theaters, worldwide are now are using Sony’s 4K digital projection system. The advantages of 4K are many, especially for filmmakers, and those shooting 4K Video with cameras or camcorders. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) is being held in Las Vegas on January 9-12, 2018.

4K Technology Award

What is 4K and why is it important: 4K Ultra HD is the next evolution of screen and video technology. The current Full HD 1080p technology that we have been using for over a decade is now being replaced by 4K. The resolution of 4K is 4 times better than HD (8 million pixels vs. 2 million pixels). This will allow those with even small 4K cameras to have a resolution close to what the movie theaters 4K projectors have. 4K allows larger TVs which keep the picture crisp and clear, even when sitting closeup. For filmmakers you can shoot in 4K, and then downgrade to HD, and still retain much of the improved clarity. Or you can zoom in on portions of the video while still retaining full HD quality.

4K Projectors at your movie theater

Movie Theater 4K Projectors – Without knowing it, we all have been watching 4K at the movie theater. The 4K projector pictured above is an actual Sony 4K projector that was on display at CES. Sony has over 15,000 4K projectors in theaters worldwide and has a decade of experience in 4K. Your 4K TV will give you movie theater resolution at home. 4K TVs have this advanced technology built into them. 4K resolution for movie theaters (DCI 4096 x 2160) has slightly more resolution than 4K TVs for home (UHD 1920×1080).

**This page will be updated by January 15th, 2018 with our award winners and our video coverage at CES 2018 of our Award winners.

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