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Whats new in HD Camcorders: Consumer Electronics Show 2012

June 26, 2012 by  
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Consumer Electronics Show 2012 attended the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas (CES 2012) to bring back information on the latest products for 2012. Here is a short overview of what caught our attention at the show in regards to the latest HD Camcorders. For 2012 we are seeing unique innovations and technologies, including camcorders with a built-in projector, 4K camcorders, WiFi connectivity, ability to upload video to mobile devices, advanced image stabilization, and more 3D camcorders. 2012 models have arrived in the March/April time frame.

Sony Projector Camcorders

Sony HD Handycam Camcorders for 2012: Sony has revamped its line, and now offers built in projectors in most of its line of consumer camcorders. When we saw this, we found it hard to believe that a projector could be put into a small camcorder. The projector window is located on the outside of the flip out LCD and can project an image up to 100 inches from 15 feet. Its actually a tiny window, but its very bright when activated. Sony had a demonstration of the projector in a darkened room (see video below). We were quite impressed by this little projector. Sony claims these projectors are twice as bright as last year’s models.

Sony Balanced Optical Image Stabilization (click for video)

Sony for its higher end camcorders has created a new type of image stabilization called Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ that goes from the lens to the imager, giving a much stabler picture, up to 13 times better than regular image stabilization. The results are stunning, and look like you are using a Steadycam. This is a breakthrough technology which is available on the higher end Sony HDR-PJ710V (projector), the Sony HDR-PJ760V (projector), and HDR-CX760V models. These camcorders can capture full HD 24p and 60p recording with 24.1-megapixel still images, and have wider 26mm lens. For 2012 Sony has rolled out a new 3D camcorder, the HDR-TD20V which is 34% smaller than last year’s model. Up to 720p in 3D mode.

Sony’s low priced midrange camcorders: the HDR-PJ260 (16GB with projector), the HDR-XR260 (160GB HDD), and the HDR-CX260 (16GB), all share the same CMOS imager, lens, and standard features.

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Canon's New HF M50 WiFi Camcorder

Canon HD Camcorders for 2012: Most of Canon’s high end consumer camcorder line will remain the same as 2011 (at least for now). In the mid-range, Canon has introduced new models that have a newly designed HD CMOS Pro sensor that improves resolution, low light performance, and expands dynamic range. Canon for 2012 is introducing 6 new flash memory camcorders. Three HF M-Series models including the HF M500 (flash memory), the HF M52 (dual flash memory 32GB) which all have the new 1/3-inch CMOS Pro Imager, and Three HF-R series models (see SmartReview’s video below). Some of the models are able to connect to internet by WiFi, allowing you to share your pictures and video to media sites including Youtube and Facebook. You also have the ability to connect to an iphone or ipad using a free upload App. These camcorders also give you the option to record in AVCHD or MP4. AVCHD is best for HDTV viewing, while MP4 is best for sharing on mobile devices and social media sites. The 2012 vixia line improves low light performance by 20%.

High End Canon Camcorders: The Canon G10 will remain the flagship top of the line consumer model. The G10 was introduced late in 2011. The Canon Pro XA10 remains as the lowest priced Canon Pro camcorder and includes two built-in XLR audio input terminals and nightvision.

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Panasonic HC-X900 Camcorder

Panasonic HD Camcorders for 2012: Panasonic for 2012 has introduced three new Full HD camorders with a single 1MOS imager. They are the low priced HC-V700K, HC-V500, and HC-V100. The HC-V700K has a high sensitivity sensor for better low light shooting.

The top of the line for Panasonic consumer camcorders is the Panasonic HC-X900 (which replaces last year’s TM900). This model has features not on the other models. This includes a 3MOS sensor (3 imagers), which improves image quality, a three chip processing engine, and the LCD touchscreen resolution has almost tripled from last year to 1.15 million pixels with the added ability to preview in 3D. In addition it has a new wide angle lens.

Panasonic has discontinued making HDD (Harddrive) camcorders in 2012, in favor of those with built-in memory. Panasonic’s 3D camcorders for 2012 no longer need an adapter ring, as the new 3D lenses mounts directly onto the camcorder. SmartReview got a demonstration of this at the show. Eliminating the adapter ring reduces misalignment that can occur when mounting the 3D lens.

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JVC GY-HMQ10 4K Camcorder

JVC HD Camcorders for 2012: For 2012 the biggest news for JVC is its 4KCam camcorder. The GY-HMQ10 is the first 4K Camcorder of its kind, and will sell for about $5,000.00 which is hefty for consumers, but actually reasonable for a Professional device that can take video at this resolution (3840 x 2160) which has a resolution 4 times regular 1080p HD video. The footage we saw on a Toshiba 4K hdtv was absolutely stunning. This was the best video that SmartReview has seen to date. SmartReview also got to see JVC’s GS-TD1 3D camcorder which was showing on the monitor in realtime with 3D glasses. This was the best 3D video we had seen taken by a 3D camcorder. JVC claims this to be the first consumer camcorder to offer 3D recording in Full 1080p HD.
See our video below of the JVC 4KCam:

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