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Schwinn (IC2 Vs. IC4) Indoor Cycling Bikes | Comparison & Differences | Reviews 2022

January 25, 2022 by  
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Schwinn IC4 Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC4 Upright Cycling Bike
Magnetic Resistance

Schwinn IC2 Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC2 Upright Cycling Bike
Friction Resistance

Schwinn IC2 Vs. Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike Comparison: These two cycling bikes are well built exercise machines from Schwinn. The IC4 unit is a cut above and with many additional features. Both bikes have quality built frames to stand up to the rigors of hours of use, but only the Schwinn IC4 has silent, maintenance free magnetic resistance. The IC2 uses traditional friction pads. Heart Telemetry is provided only on the IC4. Both models can adjust the seat vertically, but only the IC4 can move the seat Fore and Aft for a comfortable fit.

The Schwinn IC4 bike is a connected bike that is designed to use the Pelaton APP, Explore the World APP and other connected apps, by using your own tablet (iPad for Android).

Schwinn Interactive Workouts

One of the APPs that you can run on the Schwinn IC4 Bike.

The main differences between the Schwinn IC2 and Schwinn IC4 are: The main difference is that the Schwinn IC4 uses superior silent magnetic resistance, that needs no maintenance. The cheaper IC2 uses friction pads, that need to be replaced and are not as quiet. Only the IC4 has Fore/Aft Seat Adjust. The flywheel on the IC2 is smaller in diameter, and lighter than the IC4. Heavier flywheels are better for a smoother, balanced ride. The IC4 has heart telemetry to monitor your heart rate on the console. The IC4 has a higher maximum weight capacity (330 lbs. Vs. 250 lbs.)

In Schwinn’s IC4 advantage, it is solidly built and has connectivity to APPs such as the Pelaton and the Around the World APPs. The Schwinn IC4 sells for a fraction of the Pelaton bike, yet you have most of the functionality when using their APP (with subscription). The Schwinn IC4 also has two 3 lb. dumbbells for cross training. Below is a comparison chart of the differences between the two exercise bike models.

The Schwinn IC2 Vs. the Schwinn IC4
* Upright Cycling Bike
* 4.3 Stars Rating
* Friction Resistance
* Belt Drive
* Variable Resistance
* Front Mounted Flywheel
* – – –
* – – –
* – – –
* Basic LCD Console
* – – –
* – – –
* – – –
* – – –
* Max Weight: 250 lbs.
* Water Bottle Holder
* – – –

Schwinn IC2

* Upright Cycling Bike
* 4.6 Stars Rating
* Magnetic Resistance
* Belt Drive
* 100 Micro Resistance
* Front Mounted Flywheel
* Pelaton APP capable
* USB Charging Port
* Media/Tablet Holder
* Schwinn IC4 Console
* Heart Telemetry
* Heart rate armband
* Bluetooth® Enabled
* Fore/Aft Seat Adjust
* Max Weight: 330 lbs.
* Water Bottle Holder
* 3 lb. Dumbells

Schwinn IC4

Schwinn IC2 Console

The Schwinn IC2 has a Basic LCD Console.

Schwinn IC4 Console

Schwinn IC4 Backlit Console with Bluetooth Connectivity

Schwinn IC2 Vs. IC4 Console Comparison: The Consoles are very different, with the IC2 Console having a simple to use LCD console for basic cycling information.

The Schwinn IC4 Console is backlit with a USB charging port, and can connect your tablet to interact and run APPs from Pelaton, Explore the World, Zwift, Strava, FullGaz, GoogleFit, AppleHealth, TrainerRoad, and more.

Bottom Line Schwinn IC2 Vs. Schwinn IC4: The main difference between the models is the Schwinn IC4 has more features, including connectivity to your tablet to view workout APPs such as Pelaton. The IC4 uses silent, maintenance free magnetic resistance. You also get heart telemetry, and fore/aft seat adjust that is not on the IC2. The IC2 uses friction pads, which must be replaced as they wear out.

The Schwinn IC4 is a well built home model, and can connect via Bluetooth to the Pelaton APP, Zwift, Explore the World, and more. The Schwinn sells for a fraction of the Keiser or Pelaton bikes. We feel the Schwinn IC4 is a great value with magnetic resistance and with connectivity to popular workout APPs. The Schwinn IC2 is a traditional cycling bike, lower in cost than the IC4. One other thing to note is that the IC4 has a much longer warranty than the IC2 model. Both bikes are great for cycling, but the IC4 has received higher ratings, and more options, along with magnetic resistance.

Schwinn IC4 Residential Warranty: 10 year Frame; 3 year mechanical & electrical; 1 year labor

Schwinn IC2 Residential Warranty: 5 year Frame; 4 year mechanical & electrical; 90 days labor

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Schwinn IC4
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