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Sony HDR-PJ810 High Definition 32GB Handycam Projector Camcorder

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Sony HDR-PJ810 High Definition 32GB Handycam Camcorder

Sony HDR-PJ810 High Definition 32GB Handycam Camcorder with Projector and Balanced Optical SteadyShot™

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**New for 2014** The HDR-PJ810 is Sony’s best projector HD camcorder with a 32GB flash drive and 12x optical zoom. SmartReview previewed this model at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. This model includes the groundbreaking image stabilization technology, Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ (which claims to be 13x better than regular Steadyshot) delivers smoother video in low light, and long telephoto shots. This feature was demonstrated to us (and it does work extremely well). Sony told us that the new steady shot runs the entire length of the optical system, from the lens to the imager. This is like having a Steadicam built-in to the camera. New for 2014 is an improved video projector (located on the outside of the LCD door). Sony has increased the light output to 50 lumens (up from 20). This will allow you to project your videos on a wall up to a 200-inch picture (This requires a dark room to view). This camcorder also has a Projector-In HDMI Input which will allow you to plug in your tablet or smartphone and project content and movies directly from the camcorder.

PJ810 Projector

Sony's PJ810 has a built-in projector on the LCD door

More Features: As with last year’s model, the HDR-PJ810 features an ultra-smooth 60 progressive frames/second (1080p @ 60fps), it can also record at 24p (1080p @24fps), the same frame rate as movie film. The HDR-PJ810 Features a Sony Professional Quality G-Lens (26.8mm) with 12x Optical zoom (20x extended zoom). Other features: 20.4 megapixel still images, Large 3.0 inch Xtra Fine LCD touch-screen (921,000 pixels), The HDR-PJ810 has a 1/3.91-inch back-illuminated “Exmor R” CMOS sensor for better low light performance. Bionz image processor improves the speed and quality, as well as improving battery life. Full HD (1920 x 1080) video capture.

Compression and Recording: The HDR-PJ810 uses the AVCHD compression format (up to 24Mbps) to record high definition video. The 60p mode records at an even higher 28Mbps using STD: MPEG2-PS compression. New MP4 compression for sharing video. Tracking Focus follows selected subjects. Hookup to an HDTV through HDMI. Dolby Digital 5.1 capable. Built-in Flash. USB 2.0 interface. Dedicated microphone and headphone inputs. Built-in WiFi and NFC. The built-in 32GB memory will record approximately 2 hours 20 minutes of video at maximum HD 60p quality (more using memory cards). Also includes Face Detection, wind noise reduction, Smile Shutter, manual shutter control, headphone jack, External Microphone Jack. The memory slot can take either Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media or SDHC/SDXC flash memory cards. Electronic Viewfinder (EVF).

New Upgrades for 2014: The built-in projector brightness has increased 250% for 2014 (went from 20 to 50 lumens) for much brighter video projection, WiFi is now built-in instead of being an accessory (this allows you to control your camcorder remotely by smartphone or tablet), Built in NFC (near field communication) for simple wireless communications, A new 5.1ch surround sound mic w/ new audio record controls. An accessory shoe will allow you to add external microphones or lights.

Lens Specifications: 26.3mm – 321mm (12x optical zoom) F1.8-3.4 (24x extended zoom)
Manual Features: Assignable dial provides control of the focus, exposure, white balance, iris, and shutter speed. Advanced controls with expanded focus, zebra, and peaking. 31 step Mic level control.
Dimensions: 2.75″ x 2.87″ x 5.4″ (1.0 lb.)

Smart-Review Commentary: For 2014, Sony’s HDR-PJ810 is fully loaded with features that most serious camcorder users will appreciate. The camcorder has features that help in low light. First, it has a 1/3.91 inch back illuminated Exmor CMOS imager. Second, the camcorder is equipped with a Sony G lens that has an F1.8 aperature which will help in low light situations. Third, the Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization will help eliminate image blur that can occur in low light and camera shake. In addition, you get 60p, 60i, and 24p framerates to choose from, CinemaTone Presets for film-like appearance, a high resolution LCD touch-screen, and 24.5 megapixels for still images. It is loaded with manual features too.

Sony PJ810 Features

Sony HDR-PJ810 Featured at CES 2014 (Click to Start Video)

Advanced Features: The built-in Microphone and Headphone Jacks will allow you to use external microphones for better sound, or you can use the Surround Sound 5.1 built-in microphone. A big upgrade for 2014 is that wireless WiFi and NFC is now Built-in to the camcorder. This will allow you to transfer files, and remotely control your camcorder with your smartphone or tablet. You can also remotely view what your camcorder is seeing. The memory card slot can accommodate SDHC cards as well as Memory Stick Pro Duo cards. It also has 32GB of onboard memory. The Tracking Focus feature follows your subject and keeps it in focus. This camcorder also uses the highest possible AVCHD compression quality (24Mbps) when recording regular HD, and 28Mbps for the 60p mode. A feature important to camcorder users is a wide angle lens which this camcorder has, at 26.3mm, useful for taking group shots, panoramas, and indoor shots. This model has one of the highest resolution LCD screens available with 921,000 pixels. And lastly, a neat feature which we got to view is the projector feature. The LCD door has a Projector Built-in which you can project your video on walls or other flat surfaces, up to a 200-inch size. We were very impressed with this feature. It is now 250% brighter, and allows you to plug in your tablet or smartphone to project content from. The Sony PJ810 also has an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) with 201,600 pixels, useful when shooting outdoors. This camcorder is loaded with advanced features. The Balanced Optical Steadyshot feature is very effective (see video). The HDR-PJ810 is a Smart-Review top pick for 2014.

Sony HDR-PJ810
    Camcorder Features

  • *New 2014 Model
  • Full HD Recording
  • Balanced Optical SteadyShot™
  • Built-in WiFi & NFC
  • 12x Optical Zoom
  • 24x Extended Zoom
  • 32GB Memory
  • Built-in Projector
  • Manual Controls
  • 60p HD Mode
  • 3.0 inch Touch-Screen
  • HDMI projector input
  • 24.5 megapixel pics
  • 26mm Wide Angle Lens

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2015-2016 Model

Is this the best price?
HDR-PJ810 Battery

Is this the best price?

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