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Helix HLT3000 Light Commercial Lateral Trainer – Reviews

January 4, 2017 by  
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Helix HLT3000 Aerobic Lateral Trainer

Helix HLT3000 Lateral Trainer

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The new Helix HLT3000 Aerobic Lateral Trainer is a light commercial lateral trainer. A lateral trainer moves side to side, instead of front to back like a traditional elliptical. A lateral trainer can tone your core muscles, your butt plus inner and outer thighs, areas often missed by other exercise equipment. A lateral trainer can burn fat and also give you an excellent aerobic workout. Lateral training is excellent for training athletes such as skiers, golfers, snow boarders, and tennis players. Most aerobic trainers simply work the front of the thighs (quads) and the back of the legs (hamstrings), but the Helix also simultaneously works the inner and outer thighs and glutes. Lateral trainers are low impact and easy on the knees.

Helix HLT3000 Lateral Trainer Console

Helix HLT3000 Console

The HLT3000 model is ideal for your home gym, rehab facilities, or even small gyms. This is the light commercial version. This model is for fitness enthusiasts of any skill level who want a low impact aerobic workout. This Helix Lateral Trainer uses 16 levels of Flywheel Magnetic ECB (Eddy Current Brake) resistance. ECB technology has the advantage of no friction, reliability, little to no maintenance costs, and quiet operation. ECB is usually only found on higher end elliptical trainers and is the best form of resistance for these machines. Features a 26.4 lb. flywheel, and an LED console with 8 Workout Programs. Programs include: Quick Start, Manual, Random, Interval, HR Control, Valley, Rolling, Mountain, Olympian. Workout Metrics (viewed on the console): Time, Calories, RPM, Distance, HR, Level, Mets, Watts. Grip heart monitor, and is Polar wireless compatible. Self powered (generates its own electricity for the magnetic resistance and LED console).

Maximum User Weight Capacity: Up to 300 pounds.
Lateral Trainer Warranty: Parts: 3 years (commercial use), or 5 years (residential use)
Dimensions: 3 feet long x 4 feet wide (200 lbs.)

Smart-Review Commentary: The new 2014 Helix HLT3000 Lateral Trainer is a top rated light commercial lateral trainer. This latest model has a maximum user weight to 300 lbs. This is a heavy duty machine from Helix, made for light commercial use, but can be used in a home gym. It has 16 levels of magnetic resistance, controlled by the electronic console and the 8 workout programs. A lateral trainer is far different from a normal elliptical, and will tone more muscle groups, more effectively. You will also get a terrific aerobic workout, burn fat. Lateral trainers are easier on your knees, hips, and joints than other types of aerobic trainers. Reviewers have commented that this model is easy on the knees, runs quiet, and that the pedal movements are smooth and fluid. The Helix has a small footprint (3 x 4 feet) to fit in smaller rooms. The HLT-3000 is self powered, so needs no cords. Helix is the leader in residential and commercial lateral trainers for the home. See our video (below) which shows a demonstration of how a lateral trainer works. This model has received excellent reviews. The HLT3000 a Smart-Review Top Pick.

Helix HLT3000 Aerobic Lateral Trainer Helix HLT3000 Light Commercial Lateral Trainer Helix HLT2500 Light Commercial Lateral Trainer Helix H1000 Touch Residential Lateral Trainer
    Lateral Trainer Features

  • Magnetic ECB Resistance
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • 8 Workout Programs
  • Small Footprint
  • LED Console
  • Self Powered (generator)
  • Maximum user weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Water bottle holder
  • Light Commercial Model
  • Grip Heart Monitor
  • Polar compatible

Is this the best price?

Is this the best price?

Is this the best price? was given a demonstration of the Helix Lateral Trainer

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