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Best Rated Proform Home Treadmills | Comparison & Reviews | 2016-2017 Models

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Best Rated Proform Home Treadmills – This is a roundup of the best rated Proform treadmills for 2016-2017. Proform provides mid-range priced treadmills that are feature rich for the price. At this price range, you will get a treadmill with a larger motor (usually over 3 HP), Powered Incline, higher speeds available, and a larger […]

ProForm Power 995i Folding Home Treadmill | Reviews

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The ProForm Power 995i Treadmill (PFTL99715) is a good mid-range level treadmill. The quiet and smooth ProForm 995i treadmill features a 3.0 HP motor ( Mach Z Commercial Plus Motor), which can reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour (in increments of 0.5 mph). The treadmill can incline between 0 (flat) to a 15 percent grade (powered). You can easily store the ProForm 995i as it folds up. The exclusive EasyLift™ Assist with a hydraulic lift system to assist you when raising and lowering the deck. Running deck area is 20″ x 60″ for running, jogging or walking. The ProForm 995i has 30 workout programs. Bluetooth connectivity. iFit Enabled Technology – gives you access to virtually unlimited workouts, which were designed by certified personal trainers. Global Google Maps™ Routes. QuickSpeed® buttons for quick adjustments. Display shows your workout information such as incline level, heart rate, power in watts, speed of walking belt, elapsed time, your pace, calories burned, and distance completed. …More…

Maximum User Weight Capacity Limit: 350 lbs.

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ProForm Pro 4500 iFit Treadmill

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The Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill is a fully loaded heavy duty folding treadmill. This treadmill provides not only a very functional treadmill, but with internet and entertainment to keep you from being bored while exercising. The new Pro 4500 includes a 10-inch full-color touch screen with an internet ready web browser powered by Android. It hooks up to your wireless Wifi network. View facebook, email, news, weather and more on your treadmill. Built-in iFit Live features workouts powered by Google Maps (tour the world virtually), and training with Jillian Michaels. New workouts can be downloaded wirelessly. Includes 2 HD Video Workouts through Haleakala and beautiful Hana in Hawaii. The Proform Pro has excellent features, including a powerful 3.8 horsepower (hp) motor, excellent warranty, up to 15% incline and 3% decline, a large 20 x 60 inch running deck, and a high grade speaker system for your iPod or MP3 player. With its powerful motor, it can accommodate an individual up to 375 lbs. in weight and is suitable for Running, Jogging, or Walking. …More…

Maximum User Weight Capacity Limit: 375 lbs.

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