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Thursday, March 22, 2018

ProForm Pro 4500 iFit Treadmill

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ProForm Pro 4500 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 4500 Treadmill

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The Proform Pro 4500 iFit Treadmill is a fully loaded heavy duty folding treadmill. This treadmill provides not only a very functional treadmill, but with internet and entertainment to keep you from being bored while exercising. The new Pro 4500 includes a 10-inch full-color touch screen with an internet ready web browser powered by Android. It hooks up to your wireless Wifi network. View facebook, email, news, weather and more on your treadmill. Built-in iFit Live features workouts powered by Google Maps (tour the world virtually), and training with Jillian Michaels. New workouts can be downloaded wirelessly. Includes 2 HD Video Workouts through Haleakala and beautiful Hana in Hawaii. The Proform Pro has excellent features, including a powerful 3.8 horsepower (hp) motor, excellent warranty, up to 15% incline and 3% decline, a large 20 x 60 inch running deck, and a high grade speaker system for your iPod or MP3 player. With its powerful motor, it can accommodate an individual up to 375 lbs. in weight and is suitable for Running, Jogging, or Walking.

Other features include the FS2 Full Surface Suspension Cushioning: Reduces the impact on your joints and allows a more comfortable workout and recovery. SpaceSaver┬« Design with EasyLift Assist: Proform’s patented design allows your treadmill to lift vertically for storage. It also features a powerful shock that will help lift the deck with an easy push and a self-locking latch. Pulse grip heart rate monitoring with Polar Wireless Chest Strap (included). 38 Workout Apps: There are 38 built-in workout apps created by a certified personal trainer. Choose from 7 Calorie Burning Workouts, 7 Incline Workouts, 7 Speed Workouts, 7 Intensity Workouts or 10 iFit Workouts. AutoBreeze Workout 8-inch Fan with 3 settings to keep you cool.

Maximum User Weight Capacity: Up to 375 pounds.
Treadmill Warranty: Frame – Lifetime; Motor – Lifetime; Parts/electronics – 5 years; Labor – 2 years
Unfolded Dimensions: 78″ long x 38.5″ wide x 56.8″ tall

Smart-Review Commentary: The Pro 4500 Treadmill is a heavy duty treadmill with a built-in 10-inch color touchscreen and an internet ready web browser with 38 workout apps. The Touchscreen features a 1GHZ processor with an 8 gigabyte flash drive. With its built-in screen, you will have access to google maps, facebook, news, weather, email and other internet content to distract you as you exercise. With google maps (street view), you can simulate runs all over the world for a virual run in exotic places. iFit Live features workouts powered by Google Maps, training with Jillian Michaels, and automatic speed and incline controls. As a treadmill, it is a heavy duty model with competitive features. This includes, a heavy duty (3.8 hp) motor, large running deck, Built-in Fan, fast running speed (up to 12 mph), incline (up to 15 degrees). This model can handle up to 375 lbs. user weight. This is the first internet ready treadmill that we have covered to date.

Proform Pro 4500 Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill Equipment Mat Treadmill Belt Lubricant
    Treadmill Features

  • 3.8 hp motor
  • 0-12 miles per hour
  • Incline grade 0-15
  • Folds up / Easy Storage
  • 20 x 60 inch running area
  • 10-inch touchscreen
  • Internet Ready Browser
  • Grip Heart Monitor
  • Maximum user weight limit: 375 lbs.
  • 38 workout programs
  • Two cup holders
  • Built-in Speakers

Is this the best price?

Is this the best price?

Is this the best price?

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